Our Mission: What is the purpose of IS:link?

IS:link is a network of renowned Information Systems schools at universities from all around the world. The network’s primary purpose is to promote international student exchange in Information Systems by removing the major obstacles that prevent students from spending parts of their studies at a foreign university, such as uncertain abroad credit acknowledgement that leads to prolonged graduation, high effort due to tedious bureaucratic processes, or tightly tailored curricula. Furthermore, IS:link is committed to foster international academic cooperation in teaching and research between the participating universities.

In order to accomplish this mission, IS:link presents an innovative approach to inter-university collaboration that greatly simplifies and improves student exchange based on three major concepts:

  • Establishing a university network

  • Process improvement and standardisation

  • Guaranteed credit acknowledgement 

At the same time the IS:link concept promises to significantly reduce the administrative effort and costs associated with student exchange programmes at universities, which is regarded as a complementary purpose of IS:link.