The Swedish Way

Timur S.

University:  University of Boras
Study Period: 
Fall semester 2013/2014
Academic Level:  Master

Timur S. Bild 1


As the time for planning my semester abroad arrived, there wasn’t a big struggle about where to go: Sweden. In 2008, I visited Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö for the first time and enjoyed the whole stay – so the opportunity to get to know the country better within 5 months was an appealing idea. Applying for the stay was rather easy due to the great support IS:link offers. After getting nominated for the Högskolan i Borås, one could right away apply for the term and the courses one wants to do there.  After receiving the letter, the further planning could start: Applying for the Erasmus stipendium (~185€/month), taking care of needed insurances for a five-month stay, renting one of the student flats offered by AB Bostäder and finally organizing to go there by car.

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Sweden - more than just IKEA

Julian S.

University:  University of Borås
Study Period:  Fall 2012/2013
Academic Level:  Bachelor 

StueberUnfortunately, I studied just half a year at the University of Borås in Sweden last autumn. This whole decision to study abroad was one of the best decisions in my life. The possibility to meet open and friendly people from all over the world (Pakistan, Iran, France, Spain, China, Latvia, Lithuania, Australia, Netherlands, Taiwan and some more) and to get to know new cultures is something that everybody should experience during his education and it is something that I would recommend to everybody.

During and throughout my stay in Sweden my openness and my curiosity to new and foreign cultures increased a lot. My desire to travel and to meet interesting people and explore something new in the world intensified as well.

Therefore I can recommend to everybody to be brave and take the chance to experience the time of your life and make good friends from all over the world. It’s an experience that nobody can take from you.

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