University of Nebraska at Omaha

Tobias Burger '11

University of Nebraska at Omaha
Study Period: 
Fall 2011 (22nd Aug 2011 - 17th Dec 2011)

BurgerNebraska? Where is that? … and what are you going to do there? Well, that’s how everyone was reacting (including me) when I got the offer to go to the University of Nebraska at Omaha. All I wanted was to visit an English speaking country; my preference was the United States. Sure the preparations for a visa and the application are a little challenging, but once you’re there it’s alright, because you’ve planned everything in advance. Thanks to IS:Link my overall preparing took only a little over half a year. But the Midwest? In case you don’t know: Nebraska is in the very middle of the USA. Whenever you hear about hillbilly’s with shotguns in their old rusty pickup trucks, you probably hear about one of the Midwest states. So I had my concerns when I stepped into my plane to Omaha for spending a whole semester overseas.

Once my feet touched Nebraskan ground my prejudices were blown away. By the way: if you have any concerns about accents: people from the Midwest are known to talk very clearly and slowly – all in all very easy to understand.

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