Poznań University of Economics

Saskia C.

Study Period: 
Spring 2010
Academic Level: Master

SaskiaI spent the summer semester of 2010 at the Poznań University of Economics, taking part in the local Erasmus programme to which I was enrolled by IS:link. There were several convincing reasons that induced me to study abroad for one semester in Poland. First of all, I wanted to improve my English language skills and conveniently the Poznan University offers courses in English. Then, I always loved to see distant places and I wanted to try getting along on my own in a novel environment and make new friendships. Luckily, all of these wishes very completely fulfilled during my semester in Poznan. I met many great people, broadened my horizon, made many unique experiences, and last but not least had a lot of fun!

Concerning the Erasmus programme in Poznań, I especially liked the many excursions and weekend trips, leading us to Polish cities like Warsaw, Kraków and Gdynia, as well as to the famous region Masuria. Furthermore, we played paint ball, went canoeing, took part in a parade and partied on the tramway, which crossed the city for several hours while playing loud music.

The University

Saskia groupThe university is located in the centre of the city, next to two beautiful parks, a castle and several other universities. Public transportation s(tram and bus) usually enables you to arrive at the specific building in a few minutes. The student’s halls of residence are about 3 km far from the university and can be reached quickly by tram as well. Getting around the university campus only takes little time. However, when you take part in a campus tour on your first day at the university you should pay close attention, as there is no signage explaining how to reach a particular building of the university.  
The Poznań University of Economics, in my opinion, is just amazing. Studying there is very different from studying at the in Germany at the University of Duisburg-Essen. You study in classes of only 30 people and receive a fixed class schedule at the beginning of the semester. Moreover, you usually do not write just one exam at the end of a course. Instead, you have to hold presentations, solve home assignment and work together in project groups during the courses and lectures.


My conclusion

Gniezno In retrospective, I am very happy that I chose Poland for my study abroad semester, especially as I was in my favourite city, Poznań. Although the many insights I have gained were not exclusively positive ones, I surely have made a unique experience that has advanced me in my personal and academic life and that I would repeat in any case. Actually, I am currently thinking about my next study abroad semester, which hopefully will be as amazing as my semester in Poznań.