Tel Aviv University

Sven D.

Study Period: 
Fall 2010
Academic Level:

Sven At Tel AvivTel Aviv – the best time in my life! Legendary – this is probably the best description for my 7 month stay in Tel Aviv, Israel. I have never guessed that I would say that Israel is not just a beautiful country, but it is also very very rich of different cultures, interesting religions and very international people. And the best: It is not as dangerous as it seems! Honestly, in the streets I would even say I felt more save than in Germany. The people are all friendly and helpful and as a German citizen you are more than welcome. Because of all these aspects I highly recommend this place for studying abroad!

Organisation and planning

Actually, with 2 exams and only the thesis left, I thought it might be too late for an exchange semester, because usually it needs 12 to 18 month to plan an exchange. But when I heard of the IS-Link network, I learned about a new and different way of student exchange. IT IS POSSIBLE to go abroad very quickly. From the point in time I learned about the chance of going abroad and until the date I was physically sitting in the airplane to Tel Aviv, Israel, only 4 months passed by. Of course, a considerable part only worked because of my own initiative, especially concerning looking for a shared apartment, negotiating the required insurances, check out the opportunities for a Hebrew language course and financing. But on the other hand, IS-Link managed the application at the Tel Aviv University what made it very easy, because there was no need for any interviews in order to apply at the Tel Aviv University. They also nominated me for a scholarship, which I was awarded in the end :-)


Tel Aviv At NightDuring my stay I lived in 2 different apartments. The first one in which I was living during the first 8 weeks was organized at the time I was still in Germany. Indeed, I have to say it is easier to search a room when you are already there. The housing market in Tel Aviv is very special. You look for a room on the internet, call the people who are offering and mostly you can come along on the same day to see the room. The second apartment (which I found in only 4 days) I shared with2 flatmates. She was an Israeli girl who worked in a kitchen and he was a Brazilian journalist. This combination was really interesting, not only because of the cultural background but also because we were talking a combination of English, Hebrew and Spanish. There are also dorms at the university available, but I was happy to stay in a shared apartment, in order to get a better impression of the culture.

The university

The Tel Aviv University is the biggest university in Israel and has a very good reputation. The campus is huge, with more than 10 entrance gates around the campus. IS-Link has cooperation with the Leon Recanati Business School of Management, which is well known especially in finance and entrepreneurship.

Nightlife In Tel Aviv

Many professors are coming from Ivy League universities from the United States. Nevertheless, due to the fact that the classes are small (mostly not more than 20 students) the contact to the professor is quite personal. Usually it is also possible to reach the professors via email. In general, there are many practical parts in groups and assignments to do.

The semester is 3 months long and consists of 2 modules. Each module is 6 weeks long and ends with an exam period.

Living in Tel Aviv and spare time

Tel Aviv is an overwhelming city. Due to the fact that 70% of the population is not older than 30 years, leads to many options for spending your spare time. I spent a lot of time with the other exchange students (who were mostly coming from other countries in Europe) or people I got to know during the Hebrew course at the beginning of my stay. We were often on the beach swimming or playing beach volleyball. Sometimes we were traveling around in small groups. As Israel is a rather small country, everything is very close together. International Students In Tel AvivJerusalem or Haifa are only 60km away and it is also possible to be in Jordan or Egypt within a bus-ride of about 6 - 7 hours. Also, Tel Aviv has a big park where you can go around by bicycle or go running. Due to the hotness in the daytime the city starts to live when the sun goes down. Especially in summertime, the city never sleeps. Ice cream or Sushi at 3am, drinking a beer at a beach-bar at 5am – everything is possible, not only at the weekend! So, don’t worry, there is always something to do…