Wrocław - Everyone falls in love with this city

Daniel B. '14

Study Period: 
Fall 2014/2015
Academic Level:  Master

Wroclaw 1There was no special reason why I wanted to go to Wrocław. I’ve never been travelling in Poland and also I didn’t inform myself about the city. I think one reason which was very important for me was to see the uprising Eastern Europe. Anyway, it doesn’t matter so much because going to Wroclaw was definitely a great decision.



Because I didn’t get a place in the dormitory, I rented a room in a private owned house which was rented to Erasmus-Students.

This was really nice because I directly had contact with other Erasmus students. On the first day of the orientation   days we went to the  official welcoming of the university. There, the employees of the International Offices  introduced   themselves and explained us the organizational stuff. They also gave us a welcoming present and a guide with  useful information. Additionally, they gave us the hint to sign up for the Polish language course, even if we wouldn’t  like to participate because the polish teacher will organize a few trips for us for free.

The next step, was that students of the student organization Erasmus Student Network (ESN) introduced themselves and  showed us   the campus and the area. Hereby, I just want to say that I can’t express how grateful I am to these students.  They did really a great   job during the whole semester. They organized a lot of activities,   parties, and trips for us.

Wroclaw 2In general, I was really surprised how much effort the UE spent in welcoming the students from abroad. It turned out that  there are quite a lot of Erasmus students in Wroclaw and in Poland. The University of Economics (UE) has 180-230 incoming Erasmus students each term.


Students Life and Living in Wroclaw

Wroclaw 3After coming to Wroclaw you should directly go to the market square. Here is the heart of the city and the life is pulsating. In summer it can be even quite hard to get one foot in front of the other because the square is so crowded. Yes, even during the night. However, comparing to most German cities the center is not full of standardized shops in standardized houses. They spent a lot of work to rebuild the city center of Wrocław after the war and there are mainly restaurants, bars, and clubs. (Guys, be aware of the  Ladies with a pink umbrella, they are quite annoying and try very hard to bring you into a strip club). Anyway, Wroclaw is one of the two cultural   capitals 2016 and there are a lot of buildings under construction. So there are a  lot  of modern buildings but you will also see old and destructed buildings.What is more, the buildings from the time  of the USSR are a present part of the city and its history. By the way, Poland is cheaper than Germany but not as cheap as you may think. For example, the gastronomy is cheaper but food and rents are only a bit cheaper and, for  example, clothes have exactly the same prices as in Germany. Sorry, if I disappointed anyone who thought it’s possible to spend all days in the malls.



Wroclaw 4

Wroclaw really invites to go for a few trips because it has an airport with nice, beneficial flights and also the trains lately improved.Thus, we organized private trips to Warsaw, Poznan, Prague, and Italy (Bologna, Folrence).

Furthermore, the ESN organized some trips, for example, to Kraków, Tricity (Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia), and three countries (Vienna, Bratsilava, Budapest).


What else…

If you are not convinced yet just talk to me… :D I fell in love with this city and I am quite sure that the same would happen to you.

Last but not least, I want to thank IS-Link for helping me with all the organizational stuff. Although, it needs sometimes a bit patience to get the documents or the final acceptance of credits, I think it would have been much harder without any help.

Thanks to everyone who made my Erasmus time so great!