Report Exchange Semester EWHA Womans University

Niklas B.

University:  EWHA Womens University
Study Period: 
Fall semester 2015/2016
Academic Level:  Master

traditioneller KoreanerLast year I attended the Ewha Womans University in Seoul. Although this university is dedicated to female students, male exchange students are allowed. In August I boarded a plane of Qatar Airways and began my four-month journey. At Incheon Airport employees of the University welcomed me and I took the provided bus to the Uni.


The application process is easy and not very time consuming. You have to prepare a statement pf purpose (1000 characters) and get several documents like a copy of your passport, a health certificate and a tuberculosis test which can be done at the local health authority of Essen. I highly recommend to prepare this documents as early as possible, because the spots of the dormitory are allocated on a first come, first served basis.


The dormitory is very modern and well equipped. Each floor has its own microwave and a water dispenser with hot water for the common ready meals. If you want to cook by yourselves there is a kitchen provided in the basement. In Korea it is more common to eat in a restaurant. The rooms are also well equipped. Each resident has his own desk and enough closets. As alternative you can rent a room in a Goshiwon. But you have to consider that they are small and often more expensive than the dormitory.

All in all, I really recommend the dormitory and I don’t want to miss the social life in there. Luckily, in contrast to other Korean universities there is no lockout period during the nights.

The campus

The campus is very large with many buildings which are dedicated to specific faculties. There is even a bus line that leads over the campus. The Shinsegae building, where the MBA courses take place, is luckily in the near of the dormitory.

The underground building “EWHA Campus Complex” is very impressive. You can find a kiosk, a gym, several coffeehouses, a movie theatre and an ice cream parlour in there.

The metropolis of Seoul

The whole city is full of bars and restaurants. Every day you can explore something different. The most interesting district is Itaewon, which is known as “foreigner district”. Several events are held there and you can try many different kinds of foods there.

Because Seoul is a huge City, you will feel lucky that there is a very good subway system and cheap taxis.

The most popular sport is baseball and Koreans are crazy about that. I am not very interested in that sport but it was really funny to see the awesome fan choreographies.

You can even do hiking in Seoul. Next to Seoul there is the mountain Bukhansan, which is good spot for a day trip.

Natur in Korea

Natur Korea 2












Beside of Seoul there are several other interesting places. For example, Jeju Island is a good place to make “holidays”. This island is located in the south of Korea and it is even warm there during October. I highly recommend to rent a car to explore this beautiful place. Make sure that you own an “Internationaler Führerschein” because car rentals want to see that.

Korea is very mountainous. So hiking fans “get their money's worth“. And don’t forget to visit the Demilitarized Zone, which is an unforgettable experience.

Koreanische Grenze


Korea offers so much that you don’t get bored during the four month. The weather is ideal because it is warm until October. Studying at the Korean university is also a very interesting experience because the relationship between the professor and the students is completely different. All in all, I am very satisfied with my choice.


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