My time in austria

Pascal S. '12

University:  Alpen Adria Universität Klagenfurt
Study Period: 
Fall 2012/2013
Academic Level:  Master

KoralpeVenedigAt the Alpen-Adria University Klagenfurt, I chose my courses from the Master in Business and Law. These courses were very difficult for   me because I did not have
the same knowledge through my medical studies program management, as my fellow students. However, these deficits could I   deliberately worked up, so I passed all my
exams successfully.
The library is particularly worth mentioning, which was open 24 hours and had a wide range of literature. The   support provided by the International Office was always perfect and there was always a help if you had   questions. The only negative was the Chief Housing, which had not really motivated and competent. The   supervision by the home university also designed to be good, so I felt well looked after. The scholarship was   paid on time before departure as well as the middle of the semester. The Alps-Adria region lends itself   perfectly to travel to neighboring countries like Slovenia and Italy. To my visited cities include Venice, Udine,   Kranj and Ljubljana.
Especially Slovenia convinced with its hospitality and openness to me as a German. In Austria, I visited the   capital, Vienna, and made various hikes around the Lake
Wörthersee and its environment. In the winter I visited the nearby parts “Bodental” and the mountain "Koralpe", where i could enjoy the amazing winter landscape.
The Erasmus program was a positive experience that I do not want to miss in my life and has contributed to my personal development.

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