Abroad Experience in Lisbon, Portugal

Patrick S.

Study Period: 
Spring 2016
Academic Level:  Master

3From February 2016 until July 2016 I have been studying Information Systems and Computer Engineering at the Instituto Superior Técnico as part of a semester abroad. At the beginning, I was not convinced of the usefulness of an international semester abroad and also deterred from the organizational effort. Nevertheless, I took part in IS-Link's program and I was more than positively surprised. Not only the organizational effort was lower than expected, but also the accumulated experiences and the new social contacts left behind an instructive time.



The first step is to apply at IS-Link for an exchange with the chosen university. In the case of approvement, you can start selecting courses at the partner university. With the selected courses, a learning agreement is agreed upon, which is checked for an acknowledgment of the courses at the home university. Last, an online application at the Instituto Superior Técnico, indicating the courses to be taken, is required. This application leads to a further learning agreement, which has to be signed by the department and institutional coordinator of the home university. After uploading this learning agreement to the Instituto Superior Técnico, you are officially registered as a student there.

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