How to participate

Application process

IS-Link strives to offer students a structured application process.
According to preliminary considerations the application process will be roughly structured into the following five phases:

1. Advance Planning

In order to be able to seamlessly integrate studies abroad into their domestic programme students are asked early — ideally at the beginning of their Master’s or PhD programme — to determine their motivation and objectives, to choose universities they would like to visit, and to select assignments they would feel confident undertaking abroad.

2. Application

In order to simplify the application process, to improve student allocation, and to accomplish accurate selection decisions students will have to apply at their home university. According to the suitability of a student and available exchange contingents the universities pre-select incoming applications and transfer them to their partner organisations.

3. Admission and Enrolment

Intended host universities decide upon the admittance of a student and guide all those admitted through the enrolment process.

4. Travel Preparation

Home and host universities provide succesful applicants with essential travel preparation support, including assistance with visa applications, health insurance coverage, and accommodation.

5. On-site Support

During their stay, host universities offer their guest students on-site support with academic and administrative matters and provide specific services for foreign students such as language courses or local study trips.