On-Site Support

The IS:link network offers students and scholars helpful services — at their home university as well as at foreign host universities.

Basic services

IS:link provides students and scholars with specific support services that are available at all IS:link member universities:

  • IS:link coordinators at home universities support students in planning ahead for a stay abroad that integrates a study abroad seamlessly with their home study programme.
  • Home and host universities guide students and scholars through a defined application process (See Information for Students)
  • Assistance with housing, and enrollment (for further details see the individual university presentations within the Participating Schools section)

In order to find out who is responsible for IS:link at your university or who you may contact at a foreign university, please have a look at the IS:link Team page. Do not hesitate do get into contact with your local IS:link coordinators, if you are interested in studying abroad!

Additional services

In addition to the IS:link assistance services most participating institutions offer further services for exchange students, including the following:

  • Local language courses
  • Counselling to avoid bureaucratic obstacles.
  • Study trips to distinctive cultural and tourist attractions
  • Presentations on distinctively cultural, legal, economic features of a region (e. g. “How to do business in …”, “Typical intercultural misunderstandings”)
  • Meetings (e. g. regulars tables) for experiencing exchange in an unaffected setting
  • Festivals and parties

Please refer to the individual presentations of the universities for more information and do not hesitate to contact your local coordinator.