Studying abroad made simple - with IS:link!

Studying at a foreign university is often difficult to organise and prolongs graduation. IS:link makes going abroad a lot easier and is dedicated to promote student exchange. On this page, you can find out how and why:

Easy application process

Students often struggle with a complex, slow and intransparent application processes. IS:link has established a lean and simple way to arrange student exchange:

arrow V01 HSc Choose one of the IS:link partner universities, which best meets your demands
arrow V01 HSc Set ut a Learning Agreemend and receive guaranteed acknowledgement
arrow V01 HSc Receive your updated status and further information from the IS:link coordinators
arrow V01 HSc If your home university is also organized in the ERASMUS exchange program, the ERASMUS+ scholarship application is integrated

One central web-based platform

You can use the IS:link web page to plan and and manage your study abroad:

arrow V01 HSc Find all necessary information, like semester dates, respected study courses and also country and city, to choose an exchange university according to your demands
arrow V01 HSc Benefit from useful information collected on the IS:link web platform, e.g. regarding funding and scholarships, accommodation or actual student experiences

Significantly reduced planning effort

IS:link remedies bureaucratic obstacles by replacing the current, typically very bureaucratic student exchange processes at universities with one lean, standardized and efficient administrative process:

arrow V01 HSc The whole student exchange process is reflected in one lean process and supported by your local IS:link coordinator
arrow V01 HSc Paperwork is hardly necessary
arrow V01 HSc The IS:link homepage can be used as a central repository for all dates and information

Avoid graduation delay

IS:link guarantees in advance that credits for your completed foreign courses will be acknowledged for your home studies:

arrow V01 HSc Benefit from a huge range of courses offered by the IS:link partner universities
arrow V01 HSc The IS:link courses matching to your studies are preapproved for credit transfer. Consequently acknowledgment is guaranteed at your home university
arrow V01 HSc Write term papers or your bachelor’s / master’s thesis abroad


International Winter and Summer Schools

During the one or two weeks of a Winter or Summer School you catch a first glimpse of the experiences of studying at a foreign university:

arrow V01 HSc Challenging tasks, renowned professors and a lot of fun with students from all over the world
arrow V01 HSc Summer Schools are connected to the IS:link curriculum allowing you to get your Summer School credits acknowledged at your home university
arrow V01 HSc Only very little fees for IS:link members, which already include lodging


Continuous support from on-site IS:link coordinators

Your local members of our IS:Link team will support you in every step of your study abroad