Why study abroad?

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Spending part of your studies at a foreign university is a life-changing experience. On this page you learn about why studying abroad can be one of the most rewarding and memorable times of your academic and personal life.

Rewarding, unique experience

Studying and living abroad allows you to actively participate in a new culture and experience diverse intellectual perspectives and ways of life first-hand:

arrow V01 HSc Broaden your personal horizon and expand your intercultural understanding
arrow V01 HSc Develop new perspectives on your world, and reflect your own culture and country
arrow V01 HSc have an exciting time and a lot of fun, as you meet intersting people from all over the world
arrow V01 HSc Make new frieds and discover fascinating cities and countries

Advance yourself academically

Studying abroad with IS:link offers academic opportunities complementing and exceeding those of the studies at your home university:

arrow V01 HSc Attend courses that are not offered at your university
arrow V01 HSc Learn from and interact with renowed scholars and researchers with diverse academit and cultural backgrounds in the area of Information Systems
arrow V01 HSc Expand your general problem-solving competences and your specific academic skills by experiencing ways of academic learning, teaching and researching
arrow V01 HSc Learn about new research fields and research traditions and benefit from working together in teams with students from all over the world

Personality development and formation

A study abroad experience is an education in itself, as you not only learn on an academic level, but significantly change your personality as well:

arrow V01 HSc Become more tolerant, more open-minded and outgoing towards new people
arrow V01 HSc Grow as a person, become more independent and self-confident, and strenghten your perseverance
arrow V01 HSc Step away from your regular routine. Live and study in a new environment

Prepare your professional career

Throughout your professional career, you will benefit in many ways from your study abroad experience:

arrow V01 HSc The cross-cultural competence, international experience and language skills gained will strenghten your résumé and are high in demand in the global economy
arrow V01 HSc Demonstrate that you can handle yourself in unknown situations, are open-minded, flexible and perservant
arrow V01 HSc Create a unique and international personal network, which is very likely to be helpful throughout your professional career

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