Benefits of becoming IS:link University


Enriching academic education through worldwide student exchange and promoting scientific and academic collaboration on an international level are key challenges for many universities today. These challenges are often connected with high costs, extensive bureaucracy and a lack of sufficient administrative resources. The IS:link network is dedicated to promote student exchange and academic collaboration and provides structures and processes that address these problems and create many benefits for universities joining our network:

Access to excellent academic exchange opportunities

  • Participating in the IS:link network improves the quality and the number of exchange opportunities a university can offer to its students and researchers
  • Based on a single bilateral agreement with IS:link, a university is enabled to academic exchange with all universities of the network and can rely on IS:link guaranteeing for the high quality of these universities and the respective IS programmes

Study abroad institutionalised and simplified

  • The exchange process for students and researchers becomes predictable, reliable, efficient, transparent and simple
  • IS:link provides a reference course curriculum, where every university can fit in its courses according to its individual requirements, allowing preapproved acknowledgement of credits on Bachelor, Master and PhD level.
  • Studying abroad does not prolong graduation of students, as acknowledgment of credits earned in courses at a university abroad is guaranteed in advance

Reduced administrative efforts and costs

  • Becoming and being a member of the IS:link network leads to hardly any additional costs
  • Administrative costs are reduced significantly through more efficient administrative processes, as IS:link provides a standardised, lean student exchange process

Enhanced university competitiveness and attractiveness

  • Collaboration with international students and researchers improves academic reputation
  • IS:link students and researches bring an international flair to the campus
  • Due to the promotion of student exchange and international academic collaboration, IS:link universities become more attractive and create a significant advantage in the international competition for the best prospective students and researchers
  • Cooperation in teaching and connections to renowned IS researchers and professors working at IS:link universities further improve the attractiveness of a university
  • Students are more content with their university and enhance their personal and academic education due to a study abroad experience, as this experience goes beyond the education a single university can offer
  • Excellent students and researchers come to your university and increase quality and motivation in teaching and research
  • High demand in business for graduates with international experiences

Many different types of academic exchange

  • Academic exchange mainly on master level, but further possibilities for exchange and collaboration of Bachelor and PhD students, researchers and teachers
  • Establishment of international double and joint degree programmes and creation of completely new bilingual, intercultural study programs in cooperation of IS:link universities possible (e.g. with support of Erasmus+ program)
  • Summer schools

Joint research projects

  • IS:link serves as a platform to initiate joint research projects among the participating institutions
  • IS:link universities improve their chances on receiving research grants due to joint application, as they exceed competitors with advantages in project team size and skill set and due to the international project character

Exploiting synergies and sharing knowledge

  • Common administrative processes of the single universities are taken over by IS:link, as it is responsible for the expansion of the network and the management of the IS:link web application
  • Knowledge exchange throughout the whole network regarding important topics concerning student exchange, e.g. scholarships, organisational processes
  • Know-how and organisational support for Summer Schools, as well as regularly offered Summer Schools with affordable fees for students of members of the network
  • Synergies in teaching, e.g. through cooperation regarding specific courses

Be part of a novel, innovative approach to academic exchange

  • The original objective of the Bologna Process was to simplify and facilitate student mobility across Europe by means of making higher education in Europe more comparable; however, many research reports have recently shown that this objective has not been achieved yet, despite the significant impact of the Bologna Process on institutions of higher education throughout Europe
  • The novel approach of IS:link removes the major obstacles of studying abroad, which, despite of the Bologna reform, still exist, due to the establishment of a standardised reference curriculum that enables predictable, guaranteed credit acknowledgement for students and a simplified, computer-supported student exchange process
  • Your university can be a part of this highly innovative project that may potentially become a benchmark solution of the European Union regarding the removal of obstacles of student mobility and may very likely attract a high public interest