College of Business and Economics

The College of Business Administration, being the major school of the six schools and departments of the broader College of Business and Economics, is recognized as the first college in the country to offer higher education in business administration. The College has fully devoted itself to educating young individuals as competent entrepreneurs and managers, with emphasis placed upon the role of businesses in a technology-driven society.

In the past five decades, the College has produced a great number of entrepreneurs, business executives, management consultants, government policy-makers, and scholars who are now active in their fields. The most prestigious faculty of the College currently comprises 38 professors, associate professors or assistant professors.

The educational objectives are represented by the Hexagon Educational Model of True Entrepreneurs, in which each angle denotes one of the six objectives pursued by the College. These objectives are basically six key qualities needed to be qualified as a True Entrepreneur, which are leadership, global perspectives, integration ability, professional knowledge, teamwork spirit, and social responsibility.

Teaching and Research

The college has more than 40 faculty members who are dedicated to effective teaching and quality research. The college also has strong ties with its alumni association and the corporate community, which have become generous sponsors and stable resources for many beneficial programs including internships and research & teaching grants. The courses offered at the College are designed to equip students with practical as well as theoretical knowledge, and to help them cope with numerous problems in today’s industrial organizations that are far more complicated, specialized, and demanding than ever. The college presently operates the Management Computing Center (MCC), which is designed to help students keep up with ever-changing computer technology; and the Management Information Center (MIC), which offers students convenient access not only to books and business periodicals but also to class-related materials.

Furthermore, strong research activities are regarded as a vital element for a better university and higher quality of education. There are several research institutes associated with the College of Business Administration, like the Management Research Institute, where theoretical, empirical, and application-oriented research is conducted in all branches of management, aiming at a contribution to the industrial development of Korea by promoting research projects designed specifically to enhance managerial capabilities of Korean businesses.