The City of Tel Aviv

 Big business…

TelAviv AtNightThere is always something happening in and around Tel Aviv! Tel Aviv is the second largest city in Israel with a population of about 400,000. It is Israel’s economic hub and the central component of a larger metropolitan area, named Gush Dan, comprising about 3.1 million inhabitants.

…and big fun

Tel Aviv is beautifully located on Israel’s Mediterranean coastline with the ancient port of Jaffa in its heart. Because of its beaches, cafes, fancy shopping facilities, and its nightlife, Tel Aviv is a popular tourist destination. It has a mediterranean climate with hot summers, pleasant springs and autumns, and slightly damp winters. Founded only in 1909, Tel Aviv, outside of Jaffa, is a modern, grand, and spacious city. If you cannot get enough of historical sightseeing, Jerusalem’s three millennia of history is just a one hour drive away.