City of Angers

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The capital of the historic province of Anjou is considered one of the most beautiful cities in France with its old streets, museums, gardens, gastronomic restaurants, art festivals.

Foremost among its many notable structures is the magnificent spiraled Cathedral of Saint Maurice (12th-13th century) and the massive Castle of Angers (early 13th century), with its moat and soaring towers.



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Today the castle of Angers houses a tapestry museum that includes the famous 140 meters long Apocalypse series. The town has seen passing through it some of the greatest figures in the history of France: the Plantagenêts, king René, the writer Françcois Rabelais, the poet Joachim de Bellay, as well as the composer Clément Janequin and the surgeon Ambroise Paré.



652 ang3Strategically located in the Val de Loire, recently recognised by UNESCO as a world heritage for humanity, the site of the most beautiful castles, near the Paris region and the western part of France, Angers is also at the heart of a knowledge-intensive region, offering a wide range of education centers and successful research institutes, and attracting many successful IT enterprises. The high-speed train (TGV) can easily reach Paris in only 1 1/2 hours.

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