City of Jönköping

The city of Jönköping is located in the southern area of Sweden and is the 9th populated city in Sweden. The meaning of the name of the city is divided into two parts: The first part of the city 'jön' is derived from a creek and the second part of the name 'köping' is an old word for a market place. Jönköping was founded in 1284 and has around 90 thousand habitants and the Jönköping Municipality has around 120 thousand habitants. Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is about 320 kilometers away from Jönköping.

607 Joenkoeping CenterJönköping is the center of forestry and agriculture. It is climatically conveniently located and is located south of the Vättern Lake. Its central location between Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo, Jönköping is a very important center of logistics and a lot of big enterprises build their warehouse there. DreamHack, the largest LAN and computer festival, is located in Jönköping since 2001.

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