Department of Information Systems / Katedra Informatyki Ekonomicznej (KIE)


IS:link students will mainly attend classes at the Department of Information Systems within the faculty of Informatics and Electronic Economy. It offers education in broadly understood business information processing, providing students with a wide business background and the professional skills they will need to succeed in their professional lives. To enable students to cope with the fast-changing world of IT, a strong emphasis is placed on the educational background that allows them to apply computer information processing to solving problems in business and management throughout their careers. Students learn computer programming in the business environment, contemporary designs and technical problems in Information Systems, database applications and legal issues in the field, including privacy and security of computer Information Systems and e-commerce.

The research work carried out at the Department of Information Systems of the Poznan University of Economics focuses on the following domains:

  • Semantic Web Services

  • ontology-based knowledge representation

  • user and document context modeling

  • data, information and content integration for web and deep web sources

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