University of Borås

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Rector Björn Brorström
Students 39606
The City Borås, Sweden
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The University of Borås, founded in 1977, is a young and modern university with 15,000 students and 650 employees. Through its six departments, the university offers degrees in Library and Information Studies, Business and IT, Fashion and Textile Studies, Behavioural and Education Sciences, Engineering, and Health Sciences. Several of the degree programmes can only be found at the University of Borås, which attracts students from all over Sweden.

The University of Borås' concept is to be an innovative professions seat of learning which conducts education and research of high international quality with social relevance in cooperation with businesses and the public sector.

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This means that education and research rest firmly on a scientific basis and education is always research related. At the same time, education and research are characterised by high societal relevance in the sense that research results must be applicable and education focuses on work life and professions. Ultimately, the university strives to accomplish recognition as the first professions seat of learning in Sweden. Such a university is characterised by systematic cooperation and partnership with the companies and authorities of the surrounding society. Education and research is not a one-sided commitment for the University of Borås, but it is planned, carried out and evaluated in cooperation with industry and public partners, always focusing on the professions' competence needs.

 Science for Profession

‘Science for Profession’ is partly the device of the University of Borås, emphasizing the importance of closeness between academic and practical work. The device also outlines the university's unique profile, which is based on the conviction that it is important to manage research and education in teamwork with trade, industry and government services. Hence, a basic goal of the university is to bring together and further develop the scientific knowledge, which is characteristic for higher education, and the knowledge of working life. As a result, students of the University of Borås find their first job extraordinary fast, according to the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education rankings of graduates' employment situation.

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Furthermore, due to its close alignment with businesses and public sector, the university is at the front edge of exciting

The university campus is located in the heart of the city. As a matter of fact, the university’s students define the city’s life and atmosphere. For this and other reasons, the University of Borås is a renowned place to study and the city an attractive place to live. research projects like ‘Smart Textiles’ (e.g. clothes that change their colour when the mobile phone rings).