ICB – Institute for Computer Science and Business Information Systems

Essen ICBLogoIS:link exchange students will attend courses at the Institute for Computer Science and Business Information Systems . The ICB is part of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics (“Wirtschaftswissenschaften” or “WIWI” for short) at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Both the WIWI-Faculty and the ICB-Department are located on the main campus in Essen.

The ICB’s research groups cover large parts of Computers Science, Applied Informatics and Information Systems as well as Information Management. With 15 professorships and about 100 academics, the ICB offers a unique Business-Computer-Science environment. As a matter of fact, the ICB is one of the biggest Information Systems Departments in Germany and thus very attractive to students.

The department’s main research focus is on applied research, which is concerned with methods and tools that increase the performance and competitiveness of organisations. The professors at the department are well-known in the research field and enjoy a good international reputation as can be seen their large body of international publications and the number of times theis works have been cited.

The wide range of research is reflected in the department’s degree and teaching programmes, too. The Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, in Wirtschaftsinformatik (Information Systems) and Systems Engineering, provide excellent career prospects. The teaching at the ICB is characterised by a large number of alternatives courses to choose from. Further, an outstanding technical environment, and the emphasis on interactive learning techniques and personal support provide the students with optimal learning environment. The effects of these factors for the students are reflected in the CHE-Ranking, a renowned German research institutions assessment.