Some useful information for Incomings

To go abroad and leave your home country and university for multiple months is not only a great experience, but also a enormous challenge. We know that it is a huge step into the unknown is hard. To give you a glimpse of what to expect, what to prepare and take care of in advance, please have a look at all the information presented here.

You can also download all the matierials in the download section below..


The Incoming process from a high-level perspective

Incoming Process V01 HSc



The Buddy and Tutoring System

At the University of Duisburg-Essen you will get a tutor from the central Tutoring Service Center (TSC) and an IS:link Buddy. In this way we want to ensure that you get competent supervision in both personal and academic matters. Your TSC tutor will be responsible and help you in the following matters:

arrow V01 HSc Contacting you before your arrival
arrow V01 HSc Picking you up upon arrival (if requested)
arrow V01 HSc Accompany you to administrations, like registering at the foreign office or opening a bank account
arrow V01 HSc Guide you and give you orientation on the Campus in Essen
arrow V01 HSc Accompany you to social and cultural activities (if requested)

The IS:link Buddy will help you with:

arrow V01 HSc Giving you information in regard to the application, registration and enrollment
arrow V01 HSc Providing you additional information and advice to subjects and modules
arrow V01 HSc Searching for a flat or apartment (if necessary)




In this section you can download all relevant materials.

Arrival Day Information   download
Incoming Process Guideline   download
Essen City Guide   download
Orientation Week Information   download