University of Minho

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Key Facts
Rector António M. Cunha
Acd. Staff 1100
Students 15718
The City Braga, Portugal
Contact Prof. João Álvaro Carvalho
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Being currently among the most prestigious institiutions of higher education in Portugal, the University of Minho has come to assert itself on the international scene step by step.

Its over 15,000 students (2,000 of which are postgraduate students), 1200 professors and around 600 other employees, make the University of Minho one of the largest and most diversified Portugese universities.

The University was founded in 1973 and had its first students in the academic year of 1975/76. It is further divided into two major poles, namely the campus of Gualtar in Braga, and the campus of Azurém in Guimarães.

For best organisation results, the University is structured upon a matrix-based organisational model. This way interaction is promoted among its units, leading to collaboration and knowledge transfer across borders. This spirit is part of the self-proclaimed mission, which "shall be the creation, dissemination and application of knowledge, under the spirit of freedom of thought and plural critical judgements, through the promotion of higher education and the construction of a society paradigm based on humanistic principles, and having knowledge, creativity and innovation as cornerstones for growth, sustainable development, welfare and solidarity".

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The University of Minho provides a set of infrastructures and support services dedicated to aiding students and to teaching. These range from libraries and computer labs, to adequately price restaurants and canteens, cafeterias, bookstores, banks, copy centres, and wireless broadband Internet access, all accessible on campus from 8:00AM to 10:00PM.

A total area of approximately 800,000 square feet is covered by the two campuses in Braga and Guimarães. The campuses include two general libraries with aroud 300,000 books and 600 reading seats, as well as 31 specialised libraries (with a combined amount of over 100,000 books), a Classic Library (more than 300,000 books dating from 1450 to 1900) and more than 16,750 scientific journals on access via the Digital Library "b-on". The campuses further feature three sports halls, three canteens serving around 4,000 meals per hour, a snack bar, two grills, a restaurant and 14 cafeterias. Accomodation is provided through four halls of residence with a total of 1309 beds in Braga as well as in Guimarães. All halls provide for a good academic environment featuring broadband Internet access, dining rooms, cafeterias and canteens, study and recreation areas, laundry, etc.