Region of Minho

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Minho is a former province of Portugal, which was established in 1936 but later dissolved (1976). It comprised 23 municipalities, with its capital in the city of Braga. Nowadays the province would include the districts of Braga and Viana do Castelo.

Minho is considered the most beautiful part of Portugal by many of it's locals. You can experience flourishing river valleys, forested hillsides, sandy beaches, as well as traditional portugese culture.  In the mountains east, you might still see wooden-wheeled ox-carts coast down cobbled roads, while Guimarães' city center, UNESCO World Heritage, contains some of the country's most important historical sites.

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Sharing many cultural traits with neighbouring Galicia in Spain, Minho has substantial Celtic influences. Briteiros Iron Age Hillfort, the largest Gallaecian native stronghold in the Entre Douro e Minho region in North Portugal gives Testimony to this time. With Bracara Augusta (Braga) as the centre of the province "Gallaecia", Minho was also part of the Roman Empire.

Minho is also famous for being the originof the soup "caldo verde" and the wine "Vinho Verde".

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