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Key Facts
Rector Prof. Dr. Thom Palstra
Acd. Staff 3300
Students 18100
The City Enschede, Netherlands
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At the University of Twente, 3,300 scientists and professionals carry out ground-breaking research, bring aboutsocially relevant innovation, and provide inspiring teaching for more than 9,000 students. At this university, entrepreneurship comes as second nature. The campus is home to around 100 businesses, including student-run businesses. The University of Twente has also generated more than 700 successful spin-off companies. The university's business park, Kennispark Twente, encourages and assists entrepreneurs to start new companies. But there's so much more than that happening the wonderful, green campus. The sports and cultural facilities are unique and the university hosts events such as the world's largest student think tank, Create Tomorrow. Another legend of the Twente campus is the Netherlands' largest student sports event, the Batavieren Race. The campus is a hive of activity - a truly inspirational place to be! - University of Twente, the entrepreneurial university.

A University for Enterpreneurs


 The University of Twente is the university for entrepreneurs. That means that students are expected and encouraged to be enquiring and enterprising, to make knowledge their own, and to look beyond their own specialist field and beyond national boundaries. Therefore, the univeristy provides multidisciplinary education and encourages students to take an international perspective. Studying at the University of Twente means being active in Behavioural Sciences education and research groups and learning from one another. Teachers must inspire and arouse genuine interest and affection for their subject. Learning from each other can take place outside the curriculum, too - for example in one of the university's many student businesses or associations. Studying is spiritually enriching and, as such, promotes social progress. That is what the University of Twente stands for, insists on and which is reflected at various faculties of the university:

The University of Twente is a young, entrepreneurial university. It sets standards in the field of new technology and seeks to stimulate change, renewal and progress in society. Our strength lies in our capacity to combine. We work with the technologies of the future - information technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology - in which behavioural and social science research play a vital role. After all, the most interesting and relevant innovation takes place at the interface between technology and its implications for mankind and society.

Research of the University of Twente is highly regarded at both the national and international levels, and is accommodated within six very active research institutes. These focus on nanotechnology, information technology, biomedical technology and technical medicine, sustainable energy and smart devices, governance, behavioural sciences and geo-information science/earth observation. The research institutes combine scientific excellence with a sharp eye for knowledge valorization (the process of translating newly developed knowledge into economic activity) and social applications. The large number of research environments at the University of Twente make it an attractive destination for researchers. There are opportunities for junior and senior researchers alike. Twente Graduate School and tenure track positions both attract new research talent. Twente's research output and citation rates are well above the national average.