The Departement of Informatics (ifi)

The Department of Informatics of the University of Zurich offers Switzerland’s best application oriented informatics and, internationally, ranks among the best institutions in its field. Application areas range from business information systems to social sciences, linguistics, natural sciences, and medicine. The Department creates joint research ventures and teaches these fields’ students informatics. Developing and applying information technology based systems is our core competence. Being a research department we do not merely apply informatics, but rather do research in an application context. Our research activities focus on information management, information systems, communication, cooperation, multimedia, software technologies, and artificial intelligence. Research is conducted by the individual research groups and results are published in the most renowned conferences and magazines.

Within the University of Zurich the Department of Informatics represents the focal point of all teaching and research activities in informatics and applied informatics. It ensures a high quality academic education in informatics throughout the university and offers all applied informatics areas a good research and teaching environment.

Our Bachelor and Master Degree Programs are firmly anchored in the field of application oriented informatics. A sound education in core informatics is accompanied by courses in application areas – the latter in cooperation with other departments. We offer project oriented work, lab courses, case study courses, practical internships, and tutorials ensuring that our students are excellently qualified to apply informatics methods to practical problems. Both bachelor and master programs emphasize problem oriented and project oriented learning. The Master Degree program is internationally oriented and supports student mobility. Doctoral students are educated for research activities inside and outside universities. They are internationally present in their research areas.

The Swiss economy is both our partner and our client. As partners we cooperate in research on topics of common interest. As a client the Swiss economy benefits from a wealth of top-notch graduates and from the results of our research. A significant criterion of our research is the relevance of the results to their respective field of application. Collaborative research, transfer projects as well as continuous education for professional development contribute to the lifelong educational growth qualification of all parties involved.

We are committed to cooperative and open leadership. We strive to create a performance oriented and stimulating working environment in which all members of the Department contribute to its success according to their capability and competence.

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