Institute of Business Informatics

The University of Economics in Wrocław (UEW) has a long tradition of teaching and doing research in business informatics. As one of the first universities in Poland, it introduced in 1967 undergraduate four-year studies in information systems (called then data processing organisation). The subsequent creation in 1974 of an organisational unit – currently called Institute of Business Informatics (IBI) – for teaching and research in business informatics, was a natural consequence of graduating the first intakes of students as well as of the need to provide graduates to the largest Polish manufacturer of computers “Elwro” that had its factories and headquarters in the city of Wrocław.

Currently, the Institute of Business Informatics comprises an academic staff of about forty employees, including ten professors. It has five departments:

  • Department of Management Information Systems Engineering
  • Department of Business Communication
  • Department of Artificial Intelligence Systems
  • Department of Information Technologies
  • Department of Information and Knowledge Management

The research and teaching profile of the Institute reflects subject areas addressed in typical Schools of Information Systems around the world. Business informatics differs from computer science by emphasizing “soft” aspects of computing and combining them with behavioral issues traditionally studied in management science, economics, sociology, and psychology. Business informatics is predominantly an applied science that studies application and use of information systems in (and by) business, government and public at large.

Teaching at the IBI

The Institute of Business Informatics teaches at three levels: Bachelor, Master and PhD. It also offers a variety of postgraduate diplomas for past university graduates who need a knowledge update in areas related to business informatics.

At the undergraduate level, the Institute offers two degrees: Informatics and Econometrics (Informatyka i Ekonometria) and Business Informatics (Informatyka w Biznesie). The former has been offered for the last twenty years (it was introduced in the academic year 1991/92). The latter is a new degree introduced in the academic year 2010/11. Studies in Informatics and Econometrics offer what is predominantly a “soft” informatics degree, but give also significant general economic knowledge as well knowledge of quantitative methods offered by econometrics. Studies in Business Informatics have been introduced in response to the changing employment market and industry needs to provide graduates better skilled in applied informatics focused on business information systems. While also a “soft” informatics degree, it provides more in-depth software development and programming experience with relation to latest advances in information technology. From the academic year 2011/12, the Business Informatics degree is planned to be offered also in English.

Research at the IBI

Research conducted in the Institute of Business Informatics reflects a wide range of staff’s and students’ interests and includes: information systems engineering, e-business, artificial information systems, decision support systems, business intelligence, knowledge management, effectiveness of IT investments, information society, etc.

In recent years a particular emphasis has been placed on research in so-called smart technologies in relation to three application domains – smart logistics, smart energy, and smart finance. In all these areas the Institute has been successfully applying for European Union as well as national grants.