Higher Technological Institute of Poza Rica

23 Logo Higher Technological Institute of Poza Rica
Key Facts
Rector Ing. Miguel Ángel
Martínez Juarez
Website www.itspozarica.edu.mx/
The City Poza Rica, Mexico
Contact Fritz Maldonado Melquiades

The Higher Technological Institute of Poza Rica (span. Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Poza Rica - ITS) is located in Poza Rica. The institute offers a range of different research fields: Industrial Engineering, Electromechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Electronics Engineering, Business Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Nanotechnology and Computer Systems.
It's objective in Computer Systems is to train professionals focused on developing academic and professional skills with knowledge of software engineering , computer networks and computer security. It focuses on teaching and researching in fields that are respective to the needs of regional and international businesses.
Students are studying about analyzing, modeling, designing and maintaining computer networks using advanced technologies. They should become an expert in design and operation of distributed systems, high performance computing and security. Developing intelligent computer systems that can be applied to various problem fields such as process optimization, intelligent search of information, development of control systems, diagnostics and monitoring. Students learn about designing, developing and evaluating software in industries that require modern methodologies of software engineering and advanced programming languages.
Contributions in different technological areas range from basic research to applications in the creation and software development and implementation of network and computer security in the branches: Industrial, Oil, Agricultural, Electrical, Automotive, Medical, Aeronautics and Services.
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