Course Content

The participants in the summer school will get an overview of approaches to enterprise modelling. Based on one particular method, they will learn how to develop and use enterprise models for different purposes – including managerial analysis and software development. Furthermore, they will get familiar with a tool-use environment for enterprise modelling. Finally, they will be presented with an approach to method engineering that is based on languages for enterprise modelling.


Participating students should have attended introductory courses on Information Systems or Computer Science, respectively. Their English should be good enough to take part actively in technical discussions.

Course structure

  • Motivation: The need for conceptual models.
  • Why general purpose modelling languages are not sufficient.
  • An overview of approaches to enterprise modelling.
  • Modelling and analysing business process models.
  • Modelling tools.
  • Integration of models.
  • Language specification through meta-models.
  • An integrated tool environment for enterprise modelling.
  • Enterprise modelling as a foundation for method engineering.