Summer School Recommender Systems 2011 in Klagenfurt

The summer school 2011 in Klagenfurt - 7 exciting days of learning, working and having fun.

The Summer School "Recommender Systems" in Klagenfurt took place in the beautiful surrounding of the "Wörthersee". Everything looks like a holiday brochure.

But of course paticipate in a Summer School does also mean visiting lectures and seminars - learning with different students, from different countries!

As a leisure activity, the participants were invited to a wonderful boat trip. They had a great breakfast at the boat and enjoyed the beautiful view over the Wörthersee.

The austrian hosts prepared a nice barbecue for the participants. A great chance to talk to the other students and to the lecturers.

For the last evening the hosts from austia prepared a really special event. The pasticipants enjoyed a typical austrian dinner in an indescribable surrounding, a "Buschenschenke" with an amazing view.