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Summer School Enterprise Modelling 2011 in Essen

The Summer School in Essen, 11 exicting days in the European Capital of Culture.

The exciting time of Summer School 2011 in Essen started with a first get-together at the university and an exploring journey through the city.

To have enough time to get to know each other, we had a fantastic welcome-barbecue with an amazing atmosphere ...

The first day of lecture was about the students themselves. Everyone told something about his/her culture.

Education is not just about lectures. A very important part of the IS:link Summer Schools is the cultural part. So we visited the Zollverein Coal Mine, a World Cultural Heritage and typical for the industrial culture of the "Ruhr Area".

Another cultural highlight, although completely different to the "Zeche Zollverein", was the amazing classical music concert that we attented in the famous Philharmonic Hall of Essen.

Students did not only enjoy a great time together during the cultural programme that complemented the lectures, they also did a lot of group work and had the chance to learn from each other every day.

On some days our schedule was very tight ... one day and so many different impressions.

Lectures with Prof. Frank ... always very exciting and rewarding.


The last event with all paritcipants took place in such a great setting. We had a picknick in the wonderful Gruga Park.

And of course, after such a succesful period of studying and learning, every participant got a certificate from Prof. Frank.

About 50 students from all over the world. Two weeks full of knowledge, culture, differences, new friendships and so much fun.